As the Group's strategic business segment focusing on direct investment operation, NWSI follows a sophisticated investment approach in managing our funds efficiently and carefully. Our investment strategic framework features a strict selection process and risk assessment, a clear investment strategy, active involvement in post-investment management, supervision, preparation of listing work and synergies with members of New World Group, and a mutually beneficial exit plan.

Our overall investment strategic framework:

In line with the Group's extensive coverage of different industries, NWSI sets no limits on the business sectors we invest in. We target companies which are still at the pre-IPO stage, and have huge market potential, excellent management team, a great development strategy and strong competitive advantages in the respective sector.

The selection process involves rigorous evaluation, risk assessment and thorough due diligence, and we will provide the selected enterprise with an appropriate financing package that best suits its needs in relation to its development.

For more information on our current portfolio, please refer to our press releases.

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