"New Strategy. New Thinking"

Since the reform and opening, China has achieved tremendous success. The average annual GDP growth rate of about 9.7% recorded since the late 1970s has turned China from a "world factory" into a key economic driver of Asia Pacific and the world as well. China's insatiable appetite for development, together with its increasingly favourable business environment, offers considerable growth opportunities for small-to-medium enterprises.

Our parent company, New World Development Company Limited (together with its subsidiaries, "New World Group"), strives to help China in building a harmonious new world. With over 30 years of development, New World Group is one of the earliest to have invested in China, with a focus on traditional industries such as property, infrastructure and retail. Today, the Group's businesses cover all the way from China to other regions in the world.

The fast changing business environment and technology advancement foster new businesses and improvements in existing business models. A lot of investment opportunities evolve worldwide in tandem with the trend, particularly in China and Asia. In light of China's current development, we have recognised that an increasing number of emerging enterprises are in need of funds, financial advices and international experiences in order to grow. Hence the genesis of NWSI is meant to cater to the demand and identify good investment opportunities in other regions.

Investment is an art. In the world of investment, there is no single strategy or formula to follow. Depending on particular circumstances, specific tactics have to be crafted to strike a balance between risk and reward and, at the end of the day, to generate maximum returns.

At NWSI, we master this art form to perfection. Our strengths are firmly grounded in our extensive business network and profound industry knowledge, which translate into boundless synergies and innovation that lead to the greatest returns possible for our partners. Our objective is crystal clear: to invest at a fair valuation in high-growth private companies one to three years before they are publicly listed. The strong support of New World Group for NWSI and our own reliability, mean we will accompany those growing enterprises through every step towards listing. With our new strategy and new thinking, we will help our partners create a new world of sustainable growth!

Adrian Cheng

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